Al Muntajaa Al Waha* – GRONDA
Hotel Al Muntajaa Al Waha*Various Locations, Qatar
Courtesy of Rockwell Group. Completed while a Managing Director at Rockwell Group, Madrid.

A Nomadic Hotel

There is potential in Qatar to open up remote areas of the beautiful countryside to a very exclusive hospitality experience. The campsites’ three locations (North, West and South of Doha) are composed of a cluster of 14 tents, half of which would be located on land, half floating on concrete barges in the water. The tensile structures are arranged in an oval shape around a club house with a small restaurant and outdoor spa.

Courtesy of Rockwell Group.

The shapes, details and large bonfires lit at night pay tribute to Qatar’s nomadic culture and traditions. A range of recreational activities embedded in this luxury environment complete the experience, including boating, hunting, falconry, and cross-country driving in the desert with the hotel’s own 4×4 vehicles.

*Completed while a Managing Director at Rockwell Group, Madrid.