Covent Garden* – GRONDA
Architecture Covent Garden*London, UK
Courtesy of Rockwell Group. Completed while a Managing Director at Rockwell Group, Madrid.

Urban Design Concept to Revitalize Historic Covent Garden

The client brief called for a design concept that would draw on the fields of architecture, technology, urban and industrial design, and branding to revitalize the historic Covent Garden market area and its connecting streets. The goal was to create a distinct urban space, encourage pedestrian activity and foster the area’s vibrancy as a shopping and leisure destination for Londoners and tourists alike. Building on Covent Garden’s longstanding ties to the world of theater, entertainment and street performance, the proposal focused on the creation of a comprehensive program of activities, flexible design platforms, and optimized leasing strategies to create memorable experiences and events. It also explored possibilities for activating spaces such as underutilized streets and vacant lots, redefining public art and improving public amenities. Strategies of urban design and landscaping were used to create a visual unity and coherence around the Market building and redefine the neighborhood’s identity and sense of place.

*Completed while a Managing Director at Rockwell Group, Madrid.