Django** – GRONDA
Restaurant/Bar Django**New York, NY
Courtesy of Rockwell Group. Completed while a Principal at Rockwell Group. Photography © David Joseph.

An Upscale Brasserie with a Contemporary Gypsy Aesthetic

Located in midtown Manhattan and named after the great jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, Django was divided into two large spaces. The double-height room on the ground floor featured the bar and lounge and a levitating dining platform superimposed above. This upper dining space was draped in glass bead curtains. Over a million glass beads were cast in mainland India to create the threads that defined Django’s emblematic dining room. The main restaurant space on the second floor featured a chef table and leather dining booths set underneath an over-scaled vault plastered in a bohemian green-and-purple wallpaper. Other decorative elements adding warmth to the space included hand-blown chandeliers and gypsy area rugs.

**Completed while a Principal at Rockwell Group.