Embassy Diplomat Screens* – GRONDA
Entertainment Embassy Diplomat Screens*Bangkok, Thailand
Courtesy of Rockwell Group. Completed while a Managing Director at Rockwell Group, Madrid. Photography © Owen Raggett.

Bringing a High-End Hospitality Approach to The Cinema

Located at the top of a luxury shopping mall in the center of Bangkok, Embassy Diplomat Screens is an exclusive entertainment venue that combines elements of a VIP club and state-of-the-art cinema. The venue includes two lounges, a celebrity green room as well as five screening rooms ranging in size from 32 to 56 seats each. Numerous concepts from high-end hospitality and residential design were applied to shape the entertainment experience.

Inspired by the venue’s location on the site of the former British Embassy, the interior design is a modern interpretation of a prestigious British gentlemen’s club. Each of the five screening rooms has a residential look and feel, from the scale all the way down to the styling and objects on display, including picture frames, books, and lampshades. The main Lounge boasts a large fireplace and tufted leather furniture. All carpeting is custom designed, referencing classic men’s suit patterns like the Prince of Wales check and houndstooth. The VIP section includes its own lounge and a special screening room with luxurious seating options for about 30 people, including “home theater” style seating with large couches for families and love seats for couples. Each seating area comes with its own private mini bar.

*Completed while a Managing Director at Rockwell Group, Madrid.