Entertainment Maison PVRMumbai, India

The continued trust and collaboration between GRONDA and PVR Cinemas, largest film exhibitor of Bollywood, has given rise to one of the most unique and talked about cinemas in all Mumbai; MAISON PVR.

It was born out of the quest to define a new level of luxury. Taking its inspiration from a glamorous French Grand Maison (French manor house), GRONDA, working hand in hand with PVR´s creative team, explored the elements that constitute this paradise of luxury to create the ultimate viewing experience full of allure and sophistication.

Maison PVR invites guests into a journey through grand entrance foyers, libraries with art and curiosities, grand living rooms, sophisticated open kitchens and secret private screening experiences. The approach to this cinema has been as a “Grand House” or “Maison Home” with different rooms – hence the name Maison PVR or the ‘House of PVR’. As one walks from one foyer to the other, from one room to the other, from the left side of the arrival passage to the right, to the home theatre above, there is a common story board—they are all rooms within a Mansion.

The grand external façade with monolithic Satuario Marble finish and dynamic horizontal LED screens kickstart the experience and astound the patrons before even setting foot inside the cinema. This dynamic, mammoth, immersive façade paves way for the incredible and extraordinary imminent delight inside. The animation proposed for this screen mutates between movie trailers and sophisticated PVR custom content designed for this unique property. The luxurious façade blends in with the surrounding retail stores.

The journey begins by greeting guests at “The Grand Hall”, a luxurious access foyer with marble flooring carpet and awe-inspiring backlit alabaster panels that embrace the patrons as they arrive. This foyer allows guests to choose between a grand luxurious experience should they decide to access “The Library” or a selected premium LUXE area named “The Living Room”.

In keeping with the Maison theme, the mainstream foyer has been christened as ‘Library Hall’. “The Library´s” atmosphere is achieved by means of a linear layout with a series of intimate seating areas defined by custom-made bookshelves in brass and glass. Media books, styling objects and “objets d’art” provide a sense of an unexpected, whimsical and curated environment. Additionally, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, area rugs, posh furniture selection and LED screens integrated with artworks enhance a relaxing, comfortable and inviting seating room.

The concept is further highlighted by the continuous bulkheads in the ceiling with book spines. Right below such books, pristine white counters with gold inlay and artistic light fixtures anchor the concessions counters. All this layering bequeaths unique texture, warmth, richness and comfort to the Library.

Another proprietory feature of this grand entertainment experience is the unique and exclusive colour theme to each auditoriums. The Library Hall auditoriums, Audi 4, 5 and 6 are magenta, Hermès orange and deep blue respectively. The mainstream seats – Opus from Ferco, are completely finished in leatherette and are all 600mm wide and the rows have a depth of 1200mm. The last rows in all mainstream audis house luxurious leather recliners that are 785mm wide. All seats in the entire cinema have been imported from Ferco, one of the best cinema seat manufacturers worldwide.

Back at “The Grand Hall”, guest may decide to upgrade their entertainment experience and immerse themselves into a LUXE experience styled as “The Living Room”. This space epitomizes refinement, warmth and timelessness. Satuario and Marquina Italian marble have been laid out as a carpet to welcome the patrons to this luxurious and magnificent zone. The stitched, padded leather on the ceiling, the bronze trimmings on furniture and the floor, the metal highlights, the locations for art, the digital fireplace, the stunning chandeliers, all lend a lavish, residential, warm and luring atmosphere to this space.

The seating area exudes warmth with wooden flooring and oversized comfortable sofas finished in leather with coffee tables and lamps- all making this zone truly welcoming and sophisticated.

The copious amounts of Food & Beverage alternatives further add to the hospitality of this area. The food options boast of Sushi, Tapas, gourmet popcorn and a premium café brewery. The overall experience exudes luxury and class.

The LUXE audis have ultra-comfortable Ferco leather recliners with stunning table-lamps and side tables. Huge gold leafed domes in the ceiling impart additional splendor and grandeur to the auditoriums making the experience one of a kind. The colour scheme for LUXE audis 2 and 3 is Gold and Green respectively.

Hidden at the back of the grand Living Room, a secret staircase and private lift direct patrons up to “The Loft”, the ultimate movie theater experience. The grand arrival is defined by James Bond´s signature Aston Martin DB5 exact replica hanging from a wall serving as a backbar to an exclusive martini bar. “The Loft” reaches a new level of luxury with Bond inspired art pieces and memorabilia throughout the walls and furniture.

An antique pool table, overscaled hanging pendant lights, intricate brass inlay in pristine white flooring, floor-to-ceiling artwork and luxurious furniture, books, lamps and candles help the space exude opulence and at the same time making it feel residential and friendly.

This is an exclusive playroom, holding a 40 seater private screening theatre named “The Viewing Room”, were the seats have been especially designed for this auditorium. The 750mm wide seats provide comfort and lavishness while the 1500mm depth ensures patrons get on-seat F&B service making the experience even more indulgent.

The washrooms have been designed in keeping with the theme and materials of the respective zones. Celebrating marble flooring and wall cladding, texture paints and decorative lighting, the washrooms are designed to exude the same luxury and comfort as the overall multiplex.

The overall cinema can be described as familiar and friendly, while at the same time being boutique, warm and luxurious. There is a refinement and unpretentious in the design that makes the entire place timeless.