Pearl Liang at Grand Hyatt*** – GRONDA
Restaurant/Bar Pearl Liang at Grand Hyatt***Taipei, Taiwan
Courtesy of Tony Chi & Associates. Completed while a Design Director at TCA.

Understated Modern Décor at “One of the Best Restaurants in Taipei”

The concept behind this restaurant was to create an imaginary residence for a refined world traveler called Pearl Liang. The objects she collected throughout the world were assembled here to create a warm and intriguing environment with a sense of poetry and narrative. At the restaurant’s entrance, guests come across a small kitchen and wine cellar. The main dining room is modeled after the living room and other public spaces of a traditional Taiwanese residence. Each of the private dining rooms for 8 to 24 guests are conceived as small independent dwellings. Guests are invited to enjoy a gourmet experience with authentic Cantonese delicacies, fresh seafood, Dim Sum, and a selection of exquisite wines in an elegant ambience.

***Completed while a Design Director at Tony Chi & Associates.