Entertainment PVR VR MallChennai, India

PVR, the major film exhibitor in India, have trusted again GRONDA to bring their bespoke hospitality design experience into the entertainment realm. “GRONDA engaged the design of the different movie theater rooms with the same attention to detail and grandeur of its high-end hospitality projects.”

The new landmark in the city is located in the brand-new VR Mall, at the up-market neighborhood of Anna Nagar.

As in any hotel, the sense of arrival is key to the guest experience.
Eight meters high backlit portals with a subtle modern Art Deco language and a custom-made glass chandelier drives the guests through an immersive and outstanding welcome experience.

Once the guests arrive to the foyer, 3 large videowalls at the end of each axis, displaying art content guides them to each Auditorium.

The mirror finish ceiling of the main corridor helps to replicate the backlit Deco columns creating a much more expanded & rich space despite the existing low ceiling.

The multiplex cinema (10 screens), includes a unique & innovative format of extra-large screen & 3D experience, P[XL].
The Auditoriums are wrapped in a continuous Deco fabric and playing with multiple light stripes, creating an immersive and unique experience.

GRONDA’s strategy towards the creation of this new high-end and hospitality-driven entertainment center is to add a layer of lifestyle to the guest experience. We believe this layer provides an added value to movie goers thus engaging them at an emotional level. This fact is what we believe creates loyalty between a brand and its guests. SG has assisted PVR in incorporating concepts were guest can easily differentiate between a regular movie-theater experience from a Premium PVR experience.