Renaissance Barcelona Hotel – GRONDA
Hotel Renaissance Barcelona HotelBarcelona, Spain
©Jose Salto

Barcelona is one of the few cities in the world with a world-renowned architect as famous as Antoni Gaudí. We can witness his work throughout the city and the pride and joy of his architecture being alive almost a century ago after his death.

Our design room sets a tribute to the work of Antoni Gaudi, both in the bathroom imagery, the carpets resembling the iconic tile design present in Paseo de Gracia, probably one of the most chic boulevards in Europe.

Gaudi is also present in patterns and accessories. The metal work in the bathroom resembles Gaudi metal iconic metal work present at many of his buildings sprinkled throughout the city.

©Jose Salto

The dramatic lighting of the room takes its cue from Barcelona’ signature Mediterranean horizon. The lighting, stretching out of the walls towards the sky creates this dim infinite effect often experienced in Barcelona at dusk and dawn.

©Jose Salto

Another famous designer from Barcelona, Miguel Milá is present in our design, both on the desk and floor lamps. The special light fixture of the desk, called Cesta (basket) is one of his most awarded winning in the world designs.

The palette chosen in fabrics, paints and wall surfaces is inspired on the subtle dialog of the mountain, the city and the sea, emphasizing grey, pale blue and green shades.
The photography selected depicts signature corners of the city. The collection resembles shots a guest might find at a local home rather that at hotel.
Our goal was to create an oasis, a small pied à terre in Barcelona for those traveling from abroad, a cocoon that embraces guests with respect and warmth and provides them with a subtle and sophisticated first glance of the city.

©Jose Salto