Café Gray** – GRONDA
Restaurant/Bar Café Gray**New York, USA
Courtesy of Rockwell Group. Completed while a Principal at Rockwell Group. Photography © Blandon Belushin.

An Elegant Viennese Brasserie Perched Above Central Park

Designed in close collaboration with award-winning Chef Gray Kunz, this elegant restaurant inside the Time Warner Center in midtown Manhattan played with the notion of a 21st-century Viennese brasserie perched above Columbus Circle and the tree tops of Central Park. All furniture, luminaires, the bar and the open kitchen in the center of the venue were custom designed. Elaborate floral motifs appeared on laser cut brass ceiling panels and as embroidery on upholstered leather seating. Other custom details included etched glass wall surfaces and stone mosaic flooring. The kitchen featured Molteni cooking ranges topped with alpaca metal exhaust hoods custom made in Argentina.

2005 Hospitality Design Awards, Finalist, Fine Dining

**Completed while a Principal at Rockwell Group.