La Maquina Caleido – GRONDA
Restaurant/Bar La Maquina CaleidoMadrid, Spain

From the beginning of this project, GRONDA sought to unite and merge the past and the future of La Maquina. Without resorting to thematic solutions or returning to a historical design, La Maquina de Caleido seeks to be a generational bridge between the brand’s historical clientele and a whole new generation present in the complex. Its design combines present and past in a harmonious way, without ever forgetting what is important to define this famous house; its product quality and its careful cuisine.

With a narrative that seeks an abstract interpretation of the railroad theme, the design appeals to the different enclosures present in a railway station. Thus, the entrance to the restaurant creates a more informal anteroom with a large communal table as in any large entrance anteroom.

The incorporation of bronze lattices in the different rooms is intended to appeal to an “Art Deco” aesthetic, very present in the aesthetics of the early twentieth century. Once welcomed to this new season, the diner will be able to discover, on the one hand, the bar and, on the other, La Gran Sala. 

The triple-height bar space features a large cocktail/gastronomic bar represented as an abstract locomotive engine with its iconic front disc. From this bar, characteristic steam bubbles emanate from the engine’s boilers. Following with the eyes these steam bubbles, represented by large luminaires custom-designed for this project, is how the diner discovers the existence of a second gastronomic room in a large panoramic terrace on the top floor: the Rooftop.

Lastly, La Gran Sala, reminiscent of the great stately railway station waiting rooms with large arches, Italian stucco and aged mirrors. A room open to the surrounding gardens with hanging lights custom-designed for this space.

After enjoying the Rooftop area, the only thing left to do is to go down to the lower floor where we find the last gastronomic area. This small gastronomic bar and lounge open onto a terrace that is part of Caleido’s commercial promenade. A more casual and young space, looking for a more informal and young experience.

La Maquina opens a brand new gastronomic embassy in the new Caleido shopping center. Occupying the closest architectural volumes of the center to the park and with almost 600 square meters distributed in three independent floors, this new establishment will be able to accommodate more than 250 diners. GRONDA, an international architecture and interior design studio, is responsible for the design of an experience that seeks to bring together the unconditional client of La Máquina with the users of the offices in the four towers and the new generations studying at IE.

A series of eclectic and modern spaces with iconic cocktail bars and ceiling heights of more than seven meters seek to create unique environments for different users and times of the day.

The holistic design strategy brought together architecture, landscaping, interior design, industrial design, tableware and gastronomy in a personalized and unique experience.

The design celebrates La Máquina’s 40th anniversary by subtly and abstractly recreating some of the icons of its history, without losing sight of the pillars that made it transcend during its four decades of history: the excellence of the raw materials, simple traditional elaborations and a warm, close and professional service.